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My Craft

My passion lies in the work of the ancients, and I focus my efforts on historical reproduction of works from Classical Greece and Rome, the Viking era of Scandinavian and Norse work as well as Anglo-Saxon England, The Ottoman Empire, ancient Japan, up through English and Colonial American traditions leading up to the industrial revolution.

Every knife I make, I strive to push myself to a new limit, to master another skill, and to raise the bar of craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Classes and Demonstrations

I am currently the instructor at Blacksmith's Guild of the Potomac for their Beginner's Blacksmithing class. Please visit their website or Facebook page for information on cost and scheduling.

I also teach private lessons at the BGOP shop, by appointment. My rate for a 3-hour session is $100, and $50 for each additional person (limit 4). Larger groups, special events, Scouting events, are all negotiable and I am happy to discuss your needs.

I Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants

I can never say enough how grateful I am to those who went before me, and were willing to teach. Without those smiths being there, figuring out the hard things and passing on enough to excite the next wave of us, the modern knife community wouldn't be the thriving, rich culture it is today. Of particular note are my friends and mentors, about whom enough cannot be said.  Please visit their websites and consider their work: 

Jeff Pringle, Oakland CA
Richard Furrer, Sturgeon Bay WI
J. Arthur Loose, Vermont
Tim Lively, Eugene OR 

Larry Harley in memorium

Jesus Hernandez, Spain
Jake Powning, New Brunswick, Canada
‚ÄčPetr Florianek, Prague, Czech Repbluc
Peter Johnson, Uppsalsa, Sweden

Owen Bush, London, England

Ellen Durkan, Wilmington DE