- Don Fogg

The Tidewater Forge
Christopher Price, Bladesmith
​Alexandria Virginia

Whether I'm forging a knife for a customer, offering a demonstration at a historical site, appearing on History Channel's Forged In Fire, or teaching a class, I strive to make objects that have the power my friend and mentor, Don Fogg, once spoke of. I want my art, my craft, my history lessons, and my instruction able to change you because what I do speaks to something inside.

"Handmade things we revere. They're in our museums, our art galleries. Those are the objects that define our humanity. You see an object, and it attracts you to it. You hold an object and it changes you. It's palpable... the change is within you, but it occurs because you vibrate with that spirit, that energy, that the artist or craftsman put into the work. Sometimes it's not even beautiful, sometimes it's just right."

As a craftsman, I have been working in iron and steel for over 20 years. I make contemporary blades, pattern-welded Damascus, crucible steel, historical reproductions, jewelry, and ornamental ironwork. I have customers from Florida to Alaska, and consider efforts the apprenticeship to my retirement from my day job, when I can leave the office and enter the shop full time.

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