Welcome to The Tidewater Forge.  I have been involved in Bladesmithing since 1998, and have found it to be my vocation. 


Craft, done well, can transform a person. Making something from nothing, transforming raw materials to finished goods, this is the path of a craftsman. My passion for this transformative art speaks in my work, in my teaching, and in my continuous learning. With work stretching from modern tactical designs, back to reproductions of artifacts, spanning cultures around the globe and across the vastness of time man has worked in metal, The Tidewater Forge can probably offer you what you're looking for in a custom knife.

The Tidewater Forge


Founded: 1998

Owner: Christopher Price


Alexandria, VA 22310

Veteran owned and operated in the USA 

Where credit is due...

The Tidewater Forge

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On The Shoulders Of Giants


I can never say enough how grateful I am to those who went before me, and were willing to teach. Without those men being there, figuring out the hard things and passing on enough to excite the next wave of smiths, the modern knife community wouldn't be the thriving, rich culture it is today. Of particular note are my friends and mentors, about whom enough cannot be said.  Please visit their websites: