September 2016

Ashokan Seminar: SWORD YEAR

  • Contemporary Design
  • Historical Reproduction
  • Repair and Service
  • Knifemaking Classes
  • Jewelry

Here at The Tidewater Forge, a wide range of products and services related to knives and jewelry are available. Check out a few pieces of recent work, and see if there's something for you!

I have been making knives for 15 years, and my journey has taken me places I never expected. Making my own iron, forging steel, crafting jewelry... there is no end to this art.

About Me

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April 2016

Fire & Brimstone Hammer-in, Marriottsville,MD

What Customers Have To Say...

“You have to feel them and see them in order to get a sense of their true beauty and craftsmanship. Three nephews are going to be thrilled this Christmas."

Eddie M

​"I have never held a knife so fine. It's quite a piece, much more stunning in real life than I ever expected. The handle is lithe compared to the blade length, and the detailing of it all... just baffled me. Pure function, pure art. Thank you."

Burke K

"When a man wears a piece of jewelry, for lack of a better word, it's not something he wears on Sundays, or whenever he's in the mood and rotates it out with other pieces. Whether it's a ring, a necklace or a watch, a man's piece is his signature trademark. So I won't be taking this off unless I am forced to.

This isn't just black smithing, or being a craftsman or an artesian. This is art. High art. Art that changes, uplifts and transcends the person. From the inside. That's Chris."


Mark N


11-15 May 2016

Eastern Rendezvous, Hampton TN

The Tidewater Forge produces all manner of metalwork, from forged blades, fine damascus, ancient wootz, contemporary design, historical reproduction, and even jewelry and decorative art.