With all the work put into the knives and jewelry at The Tidewater Forge, we like to hear what people have to say about their purchases.

“You have to feel them and see them in order to get a sense of their true beauty and craftsmanship. Three nephews are going to be thrilled this Christmas."

Eddie M

​"I have never held a knife so fine. It's quite a piece, much more stunning in real life than I ever expected. The handle is lithe compared to the blade length, and the detailing of it all... just baffled me. Pure function, pure art. Thank you."

Burke K

"When a man wears a piece of jewelry, for lack of a better word, it's not something he wears on Sundays, or whenever he's in the mood and rotates it out with other pieces. Whether it's a ring, a necklace or a watch, a man's piece is his signature trademark. So I won't be taking this off unless I am forced to.

This isn't just blacksmithing, or being a craftsman or an artisan. This is art. High art. Art that changes, uplifts and transcends the person. From the inside. That's Chris."

Mark N

"I have the knives and they are beautiful! Thanks so much for the care you took with them. They may not be much but it's something I'm now proud to pass down to my son."

Andrea S

"Thank you Chris, appreciate the unique & beautiful gift."

Mike A

"I ordered one of your knives as an anniversary present for my wife, who literally shed a tear and said 'That's beautiful'. I proceeded to do the paper test. She had a look of shock and said 'Don't cut with it!' I explained that Chris told me one of his worst fears is that the knives he creates will just languish on a shelf somewhere and people will just look at them. She told me that she is going to need to come up with a new hobby that just cuts things."

Brett L