Repair and Service

Sometimes knives suffer damage, and their heirloom value justifies repair or reconditioning. Sometimes it's just a matter of clean-up and maybe some glue, but in the case of the knife shown here, it might involve a more intensive effort. This carving knife required the sourcing of a matching piece of stag, a painstaking effort to mimic the original fit, clean the old materials off completely, and re-mount it using the original technique of pouring molten pewter into the channel securing the knife to the grip, and finishing it off to a high level of polish.

Contemporary Design

Every knife I make, I strive to push myself to a new limit, to master another skill, and to raise the bar of craftsmanship and artistic expression. This set of blades represents my best efforts of 2013.

From the Forge...

My work falls into several categories.  Here is a sample of what I do.

Historical Reproduction

My passion lies in the work of the ancients, and I focus my efforts on historical reproduction of works from Classical Greece and Rome, the Viking era of Scandinavian and Norse work, as well as Anglo-Saxon England, and up through Colonial American traditions leading up to the industrial revolution. Here, 4 works based on antiquities... a Roman Gladius, a Roman Parazonium, a Viking Seax, and a Japanese Hira-Zukuri Tanto.


Occasionally I have the opportunity to move outside of knives, and practice another form of metalwork, the making of Mokume-Gane.  My specialty is fusing coins together to make this beautiful material, using US dimes or quarters.  Creating items from pocket change is especially satisfying, witnessing the complete transformation of material from one use to another, unrecognizable from what it started as.